It's now been shown to be a fact that ALL negative polls about the current administration are just plain WRONG, whereas the good ones are the truth!

Photo: Flickr/Daniel Wehner

Many, many leading scientists are in total agreement that man-made climate change is a hoax perpetrated by foreign interests.  It couldn't be more obvious.

Photo: Flickr/Ryan Somma
WASHINGTON - Today scientists conclusively proved that more supporters than ever in the history of Presidential inaugurations turned out in support of President Trump.
"We used conclusive science to prove this beyond any reasonable doubt," said one of the main scientists.  "Yes, and we checked this many, many times, it's obviously true," another of the scientists, also wearing a white lab coat, said proudly.

Even whiny loser FAKE NEWS media outlets like this one can see the unparalleled diversity of President Trump's Administration!  The facts speak for themselves: we have women, a black guy and some kind of Asian woman for goodness sake!